In theory

Energy management systems are growing in importance for industrial enterprises and the
producing sectors. This can be put down on the one hand to escalating energy costs and the increasing stringency of environmental provisions. On the other hand, certificated companies
also profit from tax relief.

Tax benefits

On 15 June 2011, a new international standard was introduced for energy management systems. It instructs organisations and companies on how to improve their energy performance and so reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants. The introduction of an ISO 50001 energy management system is also attractive for tax reasons. In Germany, tax benefits for industries have now been coupled to the implementation of an energy management system according to the levies under the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG). This will also be the case in the near future for the ecotax.

What’s it about?

Energy efficient production processes afford a crucial contribution towards raising plant productivity, boosting above all the competitive strength of a company.

It’s about sustainability!

Fossil fuel resources are limited. Efficient energy management and new energy concepts are needed if companies are to continue maintaining their positions on the market in future as well.

It’s about money!

Energy management identifies energy saving potential and cuts energy costs.

It’s about the environment!

Efficient energy management can afford a crucial contribution towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s about reliability of supply!

Effective energy management and new energy concepts identify supply risks and contribute to a stable and continuous supply of energy.

It’s about control!

Constantly monitoring your energy consumption quickly detects plant faults and malfunctions – and not after they have made their impact on your energy bills.

It’s about image!

Modern production facilities protecting the world’s resources is an image boost.